Cutting Edge Ultraviolet Technology

Ensuring continuous disinfection and safe, healthy environments everywhere you live, work, and play.

VUV Technologies is introducing highly efficient short wavelength ultraviolet lamps, which were invented at Rutgers University with an eye towards providing safe and environmentally friendly systems.

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Why VUV Technologies

We provide highly efficient ultraviolet lamps to keep people safe from known and unknown pathogens in indoor air, in potable water and on surfaces. Our groundbreaking technology sets us apart from all the competition.


Our patented lamp technology, invented at Rutgers University, produces ultraviolet light from inert gases using unique corona points excitation. Our germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) lamps cover the most effective germicidal wavelength regions. The lamps have a long lifetime, operate over a wide temperature range, are immersible in liquids, can be started or stopped instantaneously, and dimmed remotely.


VUV Technologies lamps are the most efficient uv lamps produced. Our GUV lamps are more than ten times more efficient than narrow band krypton chloride lamps and have the lowest lifetime cost per Watt of any germicidal lamp due to their long life and low operational and maintenance costs.


No toxic materials are used, no mercury or chlorine. The lamps are cool to the touch and can be recycled. Our GUV lamps cover the full germicidal action band with more than half their power in the region considered safest for skin exposure. As with all ultraviolet lamps, prolonged skin or eye contact is not recommended as it may result in sunburn-like symptoms.

The VUV Technologies Difference

10X faster than other lamps 

Many lamps claim to inactivate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, but they rarely include the time it takes to do so. Simply put, our lamps perform significantly faster, and have more effective spectral coverage than mercury or krypton chloride lamps.


Our Lamps

Broad Spectrum Germicidal Lamp

For a wide variety of purification applications

  • Our GUV lamp covers the full germicidal action spectrum with half its power in the 220 to 240 nm region.
  • Its higher efficiency yields higher power density providing more rapid disinfection
  • The lamp is effective against viruses, bacteria, spores and other harmful microorganisms
  • For use in water, our lamps can be fully immersed, unlike mercury tubes that require protective sleeves.

This is the ONLY broad spectrum germicidal lamp

Germicidal Spectrum of VUV Technologies Lamp

The wavelength range, 220 to 240 nm, is more effective for viruses and less effective for bacteria. UV light at wavelengths below 240 nm induces damage to other viral components in addition to nucleic acid and has a shorter penetration in materials including skin. Light near 254 nm has been proven safe and effective for microbes in air, on surfaces and in water. Dose and perhaps dose rate are important parameters for germicidal lamps as well. Because of their higher power, shorter inactivation times are required.

UV sources that emit polychromatic light, across the germicidal UV spectrum, are considered more effective, by many investigators, at inactivating certain pathogens than are monochromatic sources that emit light at 254 nm

172 nm Industrial Lamp

For industrial applications

  • Corona Discharge Excimer lamps at 172 nm are the most efficient UV lamps in existence 
  • Easily controllable, they provide instant start/stop and dimmable capability
  • Totally non-toxic, they are long lived and recyclable.
  • Operational over a wide temperature range with little change in output 
  • Provide narrow band spectrum peaked at 172 nm

Industrial Lamp Output Spectrum

Applications include surface treatments in inert atmospheres: especially in semiconductor display fabrication, ozone production with high efficiency and high concentration, and photochemistry such as in advanced oxidation systems.

The VUV Technologies Difference


Inert gases replace mercury or chlorine. The lamps are long-lived and may be recycled.



VUV Technologies lamps can be used in a variety of applications and industries, making them the most versatile lamps in existence.
Air Purification

Our broad spectrum germicidal lamp can greatly reduce the number of microbes in air leading to fewer infections, cleaner air and better health at a very low cost. It can be used in HVAC ducts lowering costs and requiring fewer air changes per hour.

Surface Treatment

Our broad spectrum germicidal lamp will kill microbes on surfaces for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices, transportation – planes, trains, and buses.

Water Purification

Our broad spectrum germicidal lamp can replace mercury-containing lamps. They can be immersed in water without the use of costly sleeves thus simplifying maintenance.

Mercury Lamp Replacement

Our broad spectrum germicidal lamp can replace Low Pressure mercury lamps in most applications and our 172 nm lamps can be used in many surface treatment methodologies both in a nitrogen atmosphere and where the 185 nm line of mercury is used.

Ozone Production

Our 172 nm lamps are extremely efficient in producing ozone in dry air or pure oxygen. They can produce the highest ozone concentrations possible. They are applicable to large and small ozone production systems and are more efficient than discharge-produced ozone.

Advanced Oxidation

Our versatile 172 nm lamps produce OH radicals in water and are highly active photochemically. They are currently being evaluated for use with various advanced oxidation treatments.

The VUV Technologies Difference

Cost Effective

Low lifetime cost due to long life and low operational and maintenance costs. More than ten times the efficiency of 222 nm lamps and lower cost per watt. Our 172 nm industrial lamps provide the highest efficiency of any ultraviolet lamp. 

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