About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide highly efficient ultraviolet lamps to keep people safe from known and unknown pathogens in indoor air, in potable water or on surfaces.

About Us

VUV technologies is a provider of environmentally friendly ultraviolet lamps for homes, offices, schools and industry. Our unique lamps are based on fundamental atomic and molecular physics principles. They are protected by several issued patents. Germicidal UVC lamps are known to save lives by limiting infection from harmful microbes in the air, on surfaces and in water. Vacuum ultraviolet lamps can destroy harmful chemicals in water in processes known as advanced oxidation. They can also be used for surface preparation in the semiconductor industry and for ozone production for water treatments.

The Company  was founded by Jeff and Dennis Losco, principals of Superior Quartz Products in Bethlehem, PA where our products are manufactured; Daniel E. Murnick, an inventor of the technology and Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University; and Janet George Murnick, former VP of American Standard Medical Systems and founder of several start-up companies in the medical diagnostics and device industries.

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